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Having worked with Beeline for two and a half years, we've relaunched their corporate look and feel across all media, and introduced new marketing techniques and full campaigns. We worked closely with Beeline to understand the way they work and how their current market could be built upon. Without this vital understanding, we couldn't have been so successful.

We recommended a complete shift in focus, so the website was redesigned and split into target client sectors. Each sector has images, offers, stories and testimonials specific to that client, and demonstrates their excellent customer service and reputation for quality, rather than focussing on products. This is a very different tack to competitors' websites and indeed was perceived by Beeline as a risk, but it works, and the proof is in the sales. Careful and considered search engine optimisation was integral to the build of the website. When the website had become established we introduced eshots and enewsletters to specific targeted audiences, featuring appropriate and thought-provoking products in a lifestyle design.

More traditional Exhibitions and Conferences also form an important element of the marketing campaign, as does print and product give-aways. The key has been to plan and introduce campaigns at the right time aimed at the right people.