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The Poppy Suite

The Cornflower Room

Dandelion clocks in the Poppy Room

Princess Anne at the Official Opening

Putting up the vinyl

The 'family tree' with a few leaves already!

"These are the days of miracle and wonder"

Babygro  and wooden leaf and acorn given to the first few babies

Window vinyl in the communal room

The Plaque!


Sometimes the littlest things....

Meadow themed window vinyl, hand cut and applied

Here I am meeting Her Royal Highness

Meadow Birth Centre

Working with the staff from Meadow Birth Centre from its conception through to opening has been the most wonderful experience. In the year of planning we named the Centre, decided on the Meadow theme, chose the colour palette and names for each room - Poppy, Violet, Cornflower and Daisy and I worked with a Graphic Design and Multimedia student, and a student midwife to design the logo and apply the vinyl.

I had the absolute pleasure of styling every room to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere for the midewife-led unit. The images have been designed to aid the women's labour, so for example there are the optimum number of dandilion clocks to count through a contraction. The styling had to be designed with built in medical equipment in mind, cleanability and with all the other restrictions of a hospital environment.

When each baby is born an oak leaf is added to the huge 'family tree' on the main wall, and the first 100 families were given a wooden acorn and leaf with their name on. The overall look and feel cannot be fully imagined through pictures, as you can only take in the full atmosphere in person.

The culmination of our hard work was the official opening by Princess Anne, who seemed truly interested in all we had achieved and the thinking behind it. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved and the feedback we have received. What a wonderful and inspiration contract.