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The vinyl arrives at the studio

Each pane vinyl is weeded by hand

Checking and double checking the plans

1950s style launderette sign

Laundry window vinyl design

Bedroom flower imagery

Looking from the dining room window through to a bedroom

Window vinyl in keeping with the calming nature theme

The coffee shop window

NHS Bromsgrove

It has truly been a pleasure on so many levels to work on the New Haven Hospital project. New Haven at the Princess of Wales Community Hospital in Bromsgrove is a new build, and the incredible staff care for elderly patients with all levels of dementia and mental health issues. The level of consideration, empathy and thought that has gone into the hospital is something I have never witnessed before.

Our involvement has included:

- Vinyl designs for over 100 window panes, some to give varying levels of privacy for patients and staff, some for decoration, but each individually designed with the theme of calming nature, made by hand and applied individually.

- A laundry room mocked up to feel like a 50s style launderette.

- Two kitchens designed to help patients reminisce about enjoying a drink in a coffee shop.

- Three quiet areas, with photography of meadows, allotments and bluebell woods, each individually considered and designed to be emotive and to offer patients an individual experience.

- Individually designed flower imagery for each bedroom, to remind patients which room is theirs.

Being involved in the planning from early in the process has allowed us to understand the client and more importantly what the patients need. The project has also allowed us to consider, design, make, fit and ultimately deliver the image that had been in the client's head. The pictures above tell the story from the vinyl delivery to the final images.