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Children's area - flower detail on the gate post

Children's area - view of the hills from the turret

Children's area - the main turret

Children's area - butterfly and bumble bee detail

Malvern Community Hospital

A new community hospital has recently been built in Malvern, Worcestershire, just below the beautiful Malvern Hills, with perfect views of the Malvern Link common and the Priory beyond. The design and build were carefully considered to give a feeling of light and space, so that the patients and out-patients can have the best experience possible.

The result is a really beautiful hospital, with every detail considered and overseen by Matron. Maros Holmes Creative was asked to look at a number of briefs within the overall project, including the ward screening, the children's area and heritage imagery; all with a tight deadline that was absolutely not moveable, as HRH The Princess Royal was booked to open the Hospital.

The wards were designed to let in as much light as possible, but some screening was necessary to protect the patients' privacy. We worked with a local artist to produce a frosted window design. The challenge was to make it work on internal and external windows, to let in enough light to keep the open spacious feel, but to block out the glare and ensure privacy where needed. The frosted vinyl produces ever-changing beautiful shadows at different times during the day, as well as being practical and strong enough to withstand rigorous cleaning.

The children's area within the reception had been designed to keep children occupied while waiting for outpatient appointments. However the castle structure was a little dull and not very inviting. We produced fun, cute graphics to cover the castle towers and a huge photographic landscape behind the area, depicting the Malvern Hills. Children now climb the tower through a pretty gate surrounded by labybirds and field mice and look out over the Hills imagining they are the King (or Queen) of the castle.

Local art in the community was a key part of the design process, and in response to this, we produced various large images of archived etchings showing the heritage of the area.

Throughout the process we needed to ensure that all materials used were tough and safe, and able to be deeply cleansed regularly. They also had to be hard-wearing and long-lasting, plus it goes without saying that the quality had to be spot on, as many thousands of patients, out-patients and visitors, as well as staff, would be viewing our work daily (not to mention HRH Princess Anne). We worked flexibly at strange hours during the installation, as the hospital began to admit patients. Overall, this was a fabulous project to work on, and knowing that our work is appreciated daily is truly rewarding.