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Waxing the image

Peeling off the backing paper

Rubbing down the vinyl

Ward windows creating lovely shadows

Tenbury Community Hospital

Tenbury Community Hospital, built in the 1920s, is a busy little hospital with a wonderful friendly atmosphere.

The £1.4m expansion and improvements to the hospital in 2011 gave the people of Tenbury the much needed extra in-patient beds and out-patient facilities. The frontage of the new extension was mainly glass, which made the ward area beautifully light. We were commissioned to design vinyl for the windows to help with screening. Rather than just using a pattern, we designed imagery that the patients could relate to. Having researched the area, and speaking to patients, we discovered that the local folk are very passionate about Tenbury and the surrounding area. The image features an apple orchard, hops, and grasses with bluebells, all associated with the Tenbury area, helping the patients to feel at ease with their surroundings during difficult times. It's always a please to work with the NHS.