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Arriving at Croome in the camper van

Climbing a tree to get the best angle!

Setting up the scene

Our actors taking a well deserved break

A spot of baking

Filming at the beautiful Charlecote Manor, near Stratford

Doing the washing at Back to Backs in Birmingham

Getting the models ready

The crew taking a break at Croome

National Trust - Whose Story?

We were thrilled to be commissioned by the National Trust to produce a five minute promotional film to attract new audiences to their properties, and spent the summer visiting beautiful parks, houses and gardens filming visitor experiences. Summers don't get much better than that.

The DVD forms part of a touring exhibition, taking the film directly to the target audiences in locations such as Bullring Birmingham. It is not what one would expect from a National Trust film and aims directly at young families and target groups not immediately associated with the Trust.

To ensure we hit the right audience and gave the correct message, we spoke to many many people in shopping centres throughout the Midlands, and asked them what their perceptions of the National Trust were and whether they would consider a visit. We then hit the issues head on – too expensive? can't touch? Not child friendly? Can't run? We don't think so! The only way to find out what content we should include, was to ask the right people. This was absolutely key to the film. As you can see from the images above we went the extra mile - if we need a shot from high up, we climb a tree! Watch the film for yourself...

National Trust Whose Story?