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Cheer... Lip balm and pencils in a tin

Cheer... at the Manchester SportCity UK Winter Championships

Cheer... Pencils, pens and note pads

Cheer... Skinny Ts

Cheer... Lip balm, mwah!

Cheer... Proud Bears on their way to be sold

UK Cheerleaders Association

It's not very often that such a fun brief comes along. Working with the UK Cheerleaders and Beeline Promotional Products to create a merchandise brand to sell both online and at UK Competitions was a dream - how many times does a client say "more pink, more purple, more glitter"?!

So now the brand is launched and on sale at UK competitions, and the range will grow and develop with an online shop in the planning. The range includes designs based on 'chants' that the cheerleaders use and have ranges for both cheerleading and street cheer. From clothing to pencil tins, jute bags to teddy bears, lip balm to pencil sharpeners "we are proud of you, say we are proud of you!!!!!!"